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Natural Awakenings Hudson County NJ

Deadly Science at the Liberty Science Center

Jun 06, 2016 02:40PM

The Spanish flu pandemic of the early 1900’s, or bubonic plague of the 14th century, wiped out a third of Europe’s population in less than a decade. Infection Connection, a current exhibit at Liberty Science Center, asks whether such disastrous diseases could strike again. From SARS and AIDS to 24-hour viruses, visitors will learn how the choices we make every day as individuals and a society contribute to the spread of infectious diseases.

In Infection Connection‘s working laboratory, kids will learn to identify microbes and protect the family from infection through simple habits such as effective hand-washing. A 3-D photo-mosaic explores the microscopic realm of the microbes that impact global health and kids can crawl through giant plastic blood vessels, dodge a sneeze from the giant blue nose, build a virtual microbe and more.

Location: Liberty Science Center, Liberty State Park, 222 Jersey City Blvd., Jersey City. For more information, visit

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