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Natural Awakenings Hudson County NJ

Ring in the New Year with Feng Shui

Jan 12, 2016 08:56PM


by Martin Miron


Karen Parziale, a Hudson County certified feng shui consultant of 10 years, states, “For many people, the new year is the start of a new beginning, and they want to start 2016 off on a different path. This feeling of renewal and promise often extends to the home, which many New Year’s resolutions vow to clean up.


Parziale states, “Feng shui has become extremely popular in the last few years, but the real goal is balance in your home. You want to create a home environment that promotes the flow of positive energy. It’s the art of creating a living and working space that’s comfortable, supportive, attractive and harmonious.”


The first thing that we often focus on is the amount of possessions we have. “Clutter is just an accumulation of stuff that creates stagnant, stuck negative energy,” says Parziale. “We don’t want to part with it—it’s nice, my mother gave it to me, I don’t know what to do with it—so we shove it in the closet. I have not been in a home in 10 years that doesn’t have some sort of clutter.”


Parziale studied feng shui with world-renowned masters, mentors and teachers, including Master Lin Yun and R. D. Chin, and received professional certification from the Feng Shui Alliance School. Her consulting experience includes homes and business environments. She explains, “The ancient science of feng shui is based on the premise that each person can lead a happier, happier, more prosperous life when their interior space is in balance. The basic feng shui definition of clutter is anything unfinished, such as unhung pictures, unopened boxes, unpainted walls; and even disorganized or unresolved emotions.”


A key aspect is where the clutter is showing up. “If its near your front door, that represents your life’s path and career. When I open the front door and there’s a blank wall right in front of me, that’s considered an obstacle; or if there’s a gigantic table in the room and I can’t get around it."


"You have to look at how the energy is flowing in your space, because metaphorically, your life could be blocked in some way. But you can learn to see your home from a different perspective. Look at it with feng shui eyes."


To Parziale, clutter equals chaos, and the cumulative effect of our surroundings can be subtle. “If you suddenly realize, ‘I’ve been staring at this thing for 30 years and I absolutely hate it,’ how many times do you see it when you leave the house?” buddha-611563_1280says Parziale “Four times a day is about 1,300 times a year you get a negative reinforcement or memory.”


She agrees that the first and easiest element to change in the home is clutter, starting with bags, boxes, pictures and overflowing clothes closets. “The first rule of feng shui is to love everything in your space. If its chipped or broken, throw it out, give it away to a relative, friend, or charity.” Another option gaining popularity is selling unwanted items; not just at a yard sale, but online at auction sites like eBay. She says, “Even if it’s a statue and it’s not breathing, it still has an energy; an attachment that might be causing disharmony.”


From a feng shui perspective, Parziale explains that clutter creates stagnant energy that we can feel and encourages a sense of procrastination; nor is it pretty to look at. “When we are disorganized, with piles of bills and papers, it’s hard to find things, and clutter can cost you time and money. When everything is in its place, that creates positive feelings. When we surround ourselves with things that we love, we have more clarity and focus in our lives.”


Parziale advises clients to use a three-box-technique: box one is for things to keep in the house; box two is for broken things to throw out; and box three is for things to be donated or sold. She says, “You have to ask yourself do I love it, do I need it and what is my attachment to it? Release what no longer serves your highest good.” One essential benefit of the process lies in reliving stress from our lives, which has been proven to create or exacerbate health problems. 


“Create a space of vibrant, positive energy and color,” she encourages.


In addition to being a certified feng shui consultant, Parziale is also a certified real estate redesigner who works with homeowners, Realtors and business owners as a professional real estate stager throughout New Jersey to speed the sale of their properties. She says, “A first impression is so important. I’m looking at their front door; I’m looking at the pathway to their door; I’m looking for blockages, I’m looking to see where the energy is not flowing.”


Parziale offers a variety of affordable packages for 2016 and says, “If people think only millionaires can afford feng shui, they will be surprised at how affordable it can be. She is also hosting a Spiritual Book Club from 7 to 9 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at her private residence to share information from inspirational passages and articles and books with complimentary dessert and tea. RSVP via email is required.


For more information, call 201-927-8536, email [email protected] or visit Parziale also holds local spiritual workshops; see


Martin Miron is a national editor for Natural Awakenings magazine.

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