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The Voice as a Source of Inner Truth

Oct 14, 2014 09:38AM

~~AudibleSelf creator Elisa Brennan can listen to a person’s voice and tell them what emotional resonance they are broadcasting and more importantly, what their vocal vibration is attracting to them. She then helps them find a new emotional resonance through voice that will trigger new behavior. “My passion is the human voice and its effect on the subconscious mind of the listener and the speaker,” says Brennan. “The role voice plays in our success or failure in the world and our own inner well-being is vastly underrated.”

Research has shown that not only is our vocal resonance transmitting information such as emotion, personality, feelings, moods and social status, but even a perceived level of competence. According to Brennan, these judgments are occurring under the radar of the conscious mind, and that‘s why she created AudibleSelf; to empower people by raising their awareness and providing the tools to make different choices.

Brennan states, “The interesting thing is that the listener may not be consciously aware of why they’ve judged you—they may walk away from a conversation feeling that they don’t quite trust you, have an uncomfortable feeling or just want out of the interaction ASAP, not, ‘Oh, what a terrible voice this person has.’”

She explains that when our voice is in a state of resonance and authenticity, not dissonance, a feedback loop is formed that gives this feeling back to us at the same time. “I’ll show you where the dissonance is happening and give you the tools to change it,” says Brennan. “Your new voice will trigger new behavior in yourself and others; you will see and feel the world reacting to you differently. I like to think of what I do as being a ‘vocal mirror.’”

We can’t truly hear the sound of our own voice and we can’t look in a mirror or step on a scale for feedback. Voice is a deeply personal expression. Brennan says, “I gently and respectfully reflect back to a person what their voice is saying about them.”

With more than 20 years of experience in clinical speech and language pathology, Brennan has worked with all types of communication disorders. She says, “I’m driven to listen and understand.” Her decision to focus on voice came about after years living abroad and upon her return visits home, “becoming increasingly disturbed by the changes I heard in the American voice. I decided to devote myself to understanding this trend and use my skills to raise awareness and promote change.”

At AudibleSelf, Brennan uses her clinical skills to do a perceptual analysis of a client’s vocal characteristics and tell them the psychological impression their voice is making, based on the latest voice and personality data and her unique intuitive approach. The AudibleSelf philosophy is that long-term vocal coaching is not necessary for the average speaker

 “We’ll create goals and explore resistances using voice as a vehicle for inner knowing,” says Brennan. You’ll be trained in simple techniques to help maintain your new voice. With awareness comes choice. Once awareness has been raised, we decide together the changes that will best reflect your most inspired self.”

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