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Trigger Point Release Therapy Through Acupuncture

Mar 18, 2014 11:35AM

~~by Jennifer Layne McDonald

Trigger Point Release Therapy is a fusion of traditional Chinese medicine theory with modern anatomy and physiology principles. It is used to release muscular, nerve and myofasical constriction to reduce tension throughout the body and restore balance. Overuse, injuries, stress, structural imbalances and unhealthy lifestyle habits are just some of many reasons that cause our bodies to become imbalanced and result in reduced performance. The more constriction in the system, the more movement is impeded. Such impediments directly affect overall health and well-being.

Through acupuncture, circulation and nerve conduction are increased to provide an optimum environment in which the body can heal itself. The structural and energetic flow of the body systems as a whole are restored to allow proper energy distribution and signal the proper cells of tissue growth and repair.

Commonly referred to as “knots”, trigger points are taut bands or nodules in musculature that are responsible for pain. A dysfunctional muscle containing these trigger points will remain in a fixed, shortened position, often resulting in reduction of blood flow, poor lymphatic drainage and decreased range of motion. Acupuncture Trigger Point Release methods allow the muscle to release its fixed position and return to a proper relaxed and supple state. Whether a result of overuse, trauma, sports injury or improper posture; trigger points are a very common root cause of many pain patterns.

Common manifestations of muscular trigger points include back/neck/shoulder pain, tennis/golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ pain, headaches/migraines and knee/foot/ankle pain. To further identify the root cause of patient complaints, overall lifestyle factors are of great significance. Diet, water intake, stress levels, amount of physical activity and sleep patterns all take a toll on the level of body system performance.

Studied benefits of acupuncture comprise decreased inflammation, increased endorphin release, increased range of motion, increased nerve conduction, increased circulation and increased rate of healing.

Jennifer Layne McDonald, MS, LAc, is a nationally (NCCAOM) and NJ board-certified licensed acupuncturist.

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