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What is Reiki Energy Healing?

By James Benedetto, Bene Mudra, Hoboken NJ

As alternative holistic healthcare rose to popularity in the U.S., so did the healing modality of Usui Reiki. Reiki Ryoho, or “energy medicine”, which was founded in Japan in 1920 by Dr. Makao Usui, is a system of natural healing that administers “source” or God-given energies into a patient, relieving them of emotional, physical or mental blockages which may be present within their energy centers, or “chakras”.

Certified Reiki therapists study the art of subtle energies, and a therapy session usually takes about an hour to an hour-and-a-half, administered by a Reiki master. There are many levels to complete before a therapist can reach the Shinpi-den, or “master” level, and can take years of practice and self-study before they are ready to start a serious practice.

Once certified, Reiki healers are able to sense where the patient is blocked within the body and are versed in how to shift or allow the patient to safely release non-beneficial energies. Normally, this involves light touch on certain areas on and around the body as the patient lies upon a massage table. Therapists will often play soothing music and use aromatherapy and guided meditation to help the patient relax and let go of their stress.

Anyone is a candidate for a Reiki session, which is non-denominational and non-invasive. Reiki can help patients let go of unwanted stress, relive anxiety, reverse depression, aid in healing acute physical conditions, assist in prenatal care and relieving the side effects of chemotherapy, gain emotional balance, harmonize the mind, relieve chronic fatigue syndrome and realize the purpose of life.

Patients undergoing Reiki treatments usually feel rejuvenated and balanced. They are able to see themselves in a new way and many see their symptoms abate or disappear completely. Common side effects felt during a session are feelings of elation, tingling sensations, visualizations of colors, lightheadedness and changes in temperature. In some cases, deep emotional releases may occur, leaving the patient feeling very tired. The day after the session, a great sense of harmony and balance is restored as Reiki continues to shift and balance energy for days afterward.

Many people ask if they need to believe in Reiki in order for it to work for them. The fact is that the patient undergoing Reiki does not require belief in order for it to work.

James Bene is a  Usui Reiki master/teacher. Contact him at

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