Distribution / Demographics

Targeted Distribution

Advertisers can reach our affluent, well-educated and health conscious readers who are eagerly seeking resources that will improve their health and well-being. When you work with Natural Awakenings Hudson County you know you're reaching a market segment who seeks out our free monthly publication because they are looking for local resources that compliment living a healthy, balanced, sustainable lifestyle.  We’re selective in our distribution points while being certain not to limit our exposure to just the “already converted” or to one single segment.  


While we have a highly targeted readership, we are broad enough with our content so as to bring in new readers from whatever their angle is, be it “foodies”, fitness fans, moms or the socially and environmentally conscious.  Best of all, we’re focused on educating readers right here in your “back yard”.  Some of the locations where you can pick up Natural Awakenings Hudson County include:


  • College campuses, Libraries, Hospitals
  • as well as hundreds of other practitioner's offices, health food stores, health-care facilities, health spas, fitness centers, book stores, libraries, coffee shops, corporate offices and wherever free publications are generally found. 

Available in Print, Online and by Email Subscription


Cutting-Edge Information

Natural Awakenings Hudson County is your guide to a healthy, higher quality and more balanced lifestyle. Our mission is to provide you the insights and information you need in that quest. Each month, we publish cutting-edge local and national content on complementary / alternative medicine and natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle-for you and your loved ones.

Cost Effective Local Advertising

Natural Awakenings Hudson County edition ad rates are very affordable and unlike magazines that are “pushed” into homes, ours is a “pull” magazine.  Our readers are “pre-qualified” for you, in that our readers CHOOSE to pickup it up each month because they are interested in our content and are looking for local products, services and resources to help them live a green and healthy, fit and balanced lifestyle.  Because we partner with you to promote your business, we customize all our campaigns to meet your specific needs, wants and budget.

A recent CVC Verification Council audit of Natural Awakenings magazines nationwide found that Natural Awakenings readers tend to represent an ideal target audience for many healthy living businesses. Savvy and well-educated, they are mindful consumers highly interested in healthy products and services.

• Our readers are overwhelming female (70%)

• 72% are between the ages of 25-54

 80% purchase products or services from ads seen in Natural Awakenings

 Natural Awakenings magazine rated higher over TV, radio, internet and other print publications as the #1 source for health-related information

Natural Awakenings is a free, monthly magazine focused on healthy living, offering a breadth of creative marketing expertise spanning more than 18 years that can be used to reach your specific advertising goals. We seamlessly integrate national and local content, creating synergy and resources unmatched by other health and wellness publications.

Multiple advertising opportunities allow you to build and maintain your brand’s presence within your target market of health-conscious individuals. Through cutting-edge, inspiring print content and a dynamic, interactive website, Natural Awakenings helps you get connected and stay effective.

Your monthly print ad in Natural Awakenings works for you much longer than daily or weekly publications-and readers keep and refer back to their issues, long after the month has passed.

Call to learn more and find out what makes Natural Awakenings Hudson County NJ unique and powerful! Call (973) 928-8884 or connect with us by email publisher@nahudson.com and let us know a best time to call, and we'll reach out to you to share more about what we're doing and how you can benefit.  Hablamos Espanol.