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Try a Yoga Retreat This Vacation

Yoga retreats remove us from our daily hectic schedule and help us de-stress from our everyday routine. Being with like-minded...

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Divorce Finances: Taking Control

By James Stedman, Financial Advisor Divorce is seldom easy for anyone involved. Still, certain steps you can take now may...


Real News That Matters

Independent Media Tell Us the Truth LINDA SECHRIST  In virtually all aspects of life, we are influenced consciously or subconsciously...

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Fish Fried

New Numbers Confirm Global Overfishing The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has been collecting reports for decades on how...

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Recycling Nutrients

Animal Droppings Help Forests Absorb CO2 A paper published in Forest Ecosystems concludes that frugivores, large, fruit-eating animals like toucans, tapirs, curassows...

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Moth Misery

Bright Lights Drive Them to Extinction National Moth Week, held from July 23 to 31 (visit for podcast), has prompted the...

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Bye-Bye Dye

Mars and Others Abandoning Artificial Colors Mars Inc., the maker of many candies, chewing gum flavors and other food products,...