This form is for the DATED section of the calendar

For events that take place on a specific date

  • DATED Listing:  $35 per month.
  • Designed for 150 CHARACTERS (approx. 25 word description) or less per listing.
  • Always enter a price for each event. Events submitted without admission price (a dollar amount) or FREE will not be published. 
  • All events must be open to the public. Submit 1 listing per form.
  • The calendar is for events….things people can attend….not sales or specials. To include those in the magazine, please contact us for an ad.
  • DEADLINE for submission is NOON on the 9th of the month prior to publication. (Ex: May 9th for April issue.)
  • Type in all information – do not cut and paste from another document.
  • Answer ALL questions for EACH ITEM. Missing details prevent publication. We cannot search websites for missing information.
  • Items in caps cannot be published. Please turn CAPS LOCK OFF.
  • TIP: If your event occurs in the first 7 days of the month, we suggest listing it in the previous month's issue as well so people have time to see the event and plan to attend.
  • We reserve the right to edit or exclude any submission for any reason.
Note: We do not publish Websites or email addresses in these listings.
If you're ready to submit your calendar event in the DATED section, please NOTE THE PRICE, have your CREDIT CARD HANDY and PROCEED with the form below.

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